Marklin SLR 700 Red “Rot” 1937 Special Order Loco + Tender

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Interesting and rare SLR 700 streamlined locomotive in red livery, specially painted at the Marklin factory for employees and select customers. Few collectors know the existence of this rare loco, but over the years several examples have surfaced. Only a few other locomotives like the TW 800 were painted in special-order colors for Marklin customers. This fine example was restored over the years. The housing was reinforced and retrofitted in the rear with a metal piece and replacement hook for the tender. Two areas were repaired at the front of the loco for the handrails to stay in place. The tender is all-original and un-restored retaining the Marklin stamps to rear and underside. Loco housing paint appears to be non-original or was significantly altered or touched-up near the cab and loco front. The loco was tested and does not run, but all internal components are present. Wheels turn and mesh with gears and armature, thus the issue is likely electrical. Overall a very interesting piece, wonderful for display, or with some effort a candidate for the layout.

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00/HO Gauge


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