Marklin SK 800 Bruniert 1945, 6-Splint with Original Box



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Very rare bruniert version of the SK 800.  There are several “bruniert” versions of the SK 800, this is the earliest and rarest.  It is from 1945 with the original box and wrappings.  Slight chipping on tender front and back.  Overall good impression.  No zincpest on loco, except for the motor housing, which is broken so the loco does not run.  Everything is original to the locomotive, no restorations performed.  This loco was purchased from a retired G.I in the US Army on the east coast.  The items were sent over to the US from Germany during the end of WWII.  As seen in the pictures, medical gauze was used to pack the loco.  The set was bought with several 350 series cars also from 1945 and a T 800 locomotive.


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