Marklin E 800 LMS Replica Locomotive 1938

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Custom built replica of the famous E 800 LMS – known among collectors as the most sough after Marklin 00/HO locomotive.  This replica was designed after an original example and thus has very similar dimensional characteristics.  The E 800 LMS was modeled, 3D printed, and hand painted just like the original.  Many original parts were used to build the locomotive including the motor, chassis, wheels, coupler, and buffers. 

The locomotive runs well (forward direction only) and can pull several coaches. I have uploaded a video of its operation on YouTube.

Marklin E 800 LMS History

The E 800 LMS is arguably the most rare normal-production Marklin 00/HO locomotive. What makes it rare is that the normal production was extremely limited. It was produced in 1938 in a very small series for the British market. It was sold both individually and in a set complete with 3 342 LMS (or 343 LMS) coaches with lighting. The E 800 LMS was hand-built and soldered – it was not cast – which made it very costly to produce.

Marklin E 800 LMS Locomotive in 1938 British Catalog

With the onset of WW2 the E 800 LMS never went into full production. Marklin itself estimates that less than 40 were produced and sold, but likely more than that were produced given the number existing today.

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