SVT 800 Prototype Replica 1938

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A wonderful replica of a model that Marklin never made, the SVT 800. Only two examples are known of this model in the Marklin museums and they exist exclusively as prototypes.

We have accurately designed this locomotive in CAD software and printed it in high resolution. Combined with an original Marklin motor (such as from a 3021), the model becomes a great runner for your layout. The model is available in all stages – from a kit to a complete running model.

Part NamePrinted PieceSanded, Primed and Painted
Main Body Shell$100$110
Middle Body Shell$60$70
Main Frame$25$35
Middle Frame$20$30
Truck Frame$5N/A

Example building a normal 2-part locomotive:

$220 for two painted body shells plus $70 for two frames and $10 for two trucks totals to $300.

A 3-piece train would cost an additional $70 for the middle body and $30 for the frame plus a truck would be $105. Combined with $300 that would be $405.

Completing the Train

To complete the train, you need an electric motor, and wheels. The 3021 fits very well into our frame and runs very well (it’s the motor used in the train in the video). You will then also need original Marklin rolling stock wheels that fit into the printed trucks.

In our first prototype model, we built a custom pick-up shoe (Schleifer) but likely an original Marklin pick-up shoe would work better and we are adapting the model frame to fit one.

Parts you will need

  • Electric motor (for instance from 3021)
  • Reversing unit (optional)
  • Wire and soldering iron
  • Pickup slider (Schleifer)
  • Rolling stock wheels
  • Pantographs (optional)
  • M2 hex nuts and bolts
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