Marklin painted tin clockwork musical carousel


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Live auction lot presented by Pook & Pook.

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Live auction lot presented by Pook & Pook.


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    The earliest Marklin carousel showed up around 1895 in their product catalog. It featured a similar cloth canopy above the carousel. This early carousel was primitive but still featured horses and gondolas with small figures riding along. Later in 1903 Marklin introduced their grand carousel which was much larger and intricate with incredible details. This is the carousel that would be later reproduced by Marklin in a limited commemorative run.

    The carousel featured here in this live auction lot by Pook & Pook shares elements of these early carousels with the cloth canopy. Its horses are tinplate while other examples from Marklin were cloth with stuffing to make a more realistic horse. This carousel features a music box as did other Marklin carousels and other toy accessories.

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